The Sweep Spot - Former Disneyland Cast Members Talking Disneyland
The Sweep Spot #150 - Return to Disneyland after 40 yrs and Listener Questions

In this episode we welcome a friend and listener of the show Leon. He has not been to Disneyland in about 40 years, and he ans his wife recently went after all those years, hear about his trip. Also we take a few questions from listeners and talk about Disneyland after the park closes, and more. and a book coming out called Cleaning the Kingdom, in Summer 2015!

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The Sweep Spot # 149 - Theme Park Designer and President of the Disneyland Alumni Club

In this episode we welcome Former Disneyland cast member, Theme Park Designer, and president of The Disneyland Alumni Club Richard Ferrin. Richard had a unique role at Disneyland, that I am sure you all have heard of or seen before. Plus he talks a bit about his theme park work, and the Disneyland Alumni Club.

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