The Sweep Spot - Former Disneyland Cast Members Talking Disneyland

In this episode we welcome Nate Parrish, who is one of the hosts of the Wedway Radio podcast. Nate discusses his visit to the Disneyland Resort this past Novemeber of 2012. 

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In this episode we welcome two authors to the show Jeff Heimbuch who wrote a book with and about Rolly Crump, and then Russell Flores author of Seen Un-Seen Disneyland. 

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In this show we give our tips on taking a baby to Disneyland. This show may not be for everyone, but I am sure we have family or friends who may have a baby, and you can share this info with them. Enjoy!

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In this episode we take a look at the windows on Main Street at Disneyland.

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In this episode we talk to Kyle who is an former Jungle Cruise skipper. Kyle is also host of a podcast all about the Jungle Cruise called  Tales From the Jungle Crews.

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A Disneyland trip report

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In this episode we welcome Dave Smith to our show along with Tommy to discuss the possibilities now that Disney owns Lucas Films.

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In this episode we look at two attractions that were in Frontierland where Big Thunder Mt. is now. 

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In this episode we welcome author of The Park After Dark by Richard Carradine. Richard tells us ghost stories from Disneyland and more! Enjoy!

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In this episode we continue our interview with Bob Gurr Disney Legend.

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In this episode we go on a virtual walking tour with Sam Gennawey. Sam is a Disney historian and author of Walt and the promist of progress city. Check out show notes at

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In this episode we welcome another guest, Randy Crane from Stories of The Magic podcast, and we look at two restaurants, The French Market and The Plaza Inn.

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In this episode we take a look at the Tomorrowland refurb of 1967. Before that hear the Disneyland Resort News with Tommy.

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In this episode we welcome back Disney legend Bob Gurr in part 2 of our 3 part series with him. Enjoy!

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In this episode we answer some questions a listener had for us. 

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In this episode we discuss the shooting galleries and arcades that have been in Disneyland over the years.

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In this episode we continue a series where we take an area at Disneyland and talk about what it was like working in custodial at Disneyland in that area. 

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In this episode we welcome Disney legend Bob Gurr to our show for a first in a series of 3 parts.

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In this episode we have the Disneyland Resort news with Tommy, then we welcome Lauren and John Delmont developers of the DVD " The Secret Tour of Disneyland ". Show notes at

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In this episode we discuss another favorite attraction of mine, The Tiki Room. We learn the changes it went through and what it was going to be originally, and more!

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In this episode we welcome Mark Silverman who is the voice over in the preshow at  the Tower of Terror attraction. Here some of his great voices, and hear Laura and I talk about Disneyland Fireworks, and the news with Tommy

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In this episode we welcome Chris Strodder the author of The Disneyland Encyclopedia. This book has just been released in June 2012. Enjoy!

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In this episode we welcome a very special guest to our show, and he is Rolly Crump. Rolly was an imagineer, an animator for The Walt Disney company. He had worked on such classic attractions as The Haunted Mansion, The Tiki Room, and Its A Small World. He is a Disney legend and a great guy to talk to about the history of the company and especially Disneyland. Hope you enjoy!

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In this episode Lynn, Laura, Tommy and Ken talk about the new editions to the Disneyland resort, and especially Carsland.

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In this episode we have some Disneyland Resort news with Tommy, and for our main segment we talk about an attraction that is now extinct, The Skyway. Hope you enjoy this journey across Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. SHow notes at

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In this episode we will discuss whats to come in the Disney California Adventure expansion, opening June 15, 2012. We welcome Tommy to help us describe all the new offerings coming very soon.

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In this episode Laura, Tommy and I talk about Disney's California Adventures history. We take a look at the past, present and the future of that park. We also talk about some things we experienced at cast members during that time.

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In this episode start a new segment with a new team member of The Sweep Spot, that is Tommy. Tommy will bring the news of The Disneyland Resort every episode. In the main segment this week, we welcome back Ken Pellman to continue a series, and in this one we talk about working in Custodial at Disneyland in Small World Area. Hope you enjoy and show notes and links are at

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In this episode we welcome back author, former Disneyland cast member and Disney fan, Dave Smith. We discuss the ticket books used at Disneyland from 1955 to 1982. We have some fun talking about those days. Hope you enjoy!

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This is episode 50! and we talk about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland. We take a look at its early stages and some secrets too. Enjoy!

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In this episode we continue our series about working in custodial in the different areas of Disneyland. This week we talk about Fantasyland, and we welcome back ken Pellman to our show.

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In this episode we welcome the guys from one of my favorite podcast The Disgeek Podcast. We discuss many ideas, thoughts and stories about Disneyland.

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In this episode we talk about this popular show that was in the 64, 65 Worlds Fair, Disneyland and now WDW. For show notes go to

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In this episode we welcome back frequent guest Ken Pellman to continue our series on Working In the different areas of the park at a Disneyland Custodian, and our experiences working there. This wee we talk about New Orleans Square and Critter Country in Disneyland. We talk about some of the changes to these areas over the years, and some behind the scenes secrets. Enjoy!

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In this episode we first pay a tribute to a Disney legend who passed away this week, his name is Robert Sherman. Then we go back to the 80s, and look at Videopolis and Fantasyland Theatre. We learn about this dance and concert area, that was then turned into a theatre. We hope you enjoy this look back. for show notes and more!

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In this episode we take a look at the history of Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland. We look at the different attractions this land has to offer along with some behind the scenes stuff. Hope you enjoy. Show notes at

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In this episode we take a look at two attractions that are no longer around at Disneyland. These attractions maybe were a hard of their time with the technology they presented. The Sweep Spot podcast is two former Disneyland cast members talking Disneyland history, touring tips, and behind the scenes at Disneyland.

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In this episode we continue a series we started in November where we visit each land and discuss how it was working as a custodian in that area of Disneyland. We welcome back frequent guest to the show Ken Pellman and take a tour through Adventureland and Frontierland. Enjoy this show and find pictures and show notes at

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In this episode we take a look at the history of Space Mountain at Disneyland. We learn that there is quite a bit of history behind this attraction. We also welcome back to our show Ken Pellman to tell his stories working at Disneyland. Enjoy this and check out the show notes and pictures at

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In this show, we take a look at a Mini-land in Disneyland. We look at The Alice In Wonderland Attraction and The Tea Cups. We talk about the history of these two attractions and how it was working around there too! Check out our website for show notes, Enjoy!

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In this episode we welcome back author and former Disneyland cast member David Smith. We discuss two attractions that David had the chance to work on while working at Disneyland. Hear his great stories and more!

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In this episode first Laura will talk about her most recent trip to Club 33, then we will talk about going to Disneyland in the rain, and cold. We give tips on how to make your day better with the rain, and what attractions are best for that weather. Then we are happy to welcome Carole Mumford to our show. Carole is on the board of directors for The Disneyana Fan Club. She discusses the fan club, and the next events coming to Anaheim. Join us for this fun filled episode! show notes at

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