The Sweep Spot - Former Disneyland Cast Members Talking Disneyland

In this episode we continue our conversation with former Disneyland Attractions cast member Alex Stewart. This is part 2. There is no current events, but we will continue with the Disneyland Resort Current Events next time. Enjoy! Show notes and info at

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In this episode we welcome Former Disneyland attractions cast member Alex Stewart to our show to talk about his time working on Westside attractions at Disneyland, plus our latest in the Disneyland Resort current events. Get info and our book Cleaning the Kingdom at

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In this episode we continue an episode we started in the past episode with Jim Korkis talking with us about Disneyland 1957. So if you didn't listen to episode 207, it would be best if you went back and listened to that first. Also we have a short interview with author Heather Mc Lane who wrote the kindle book Drinking at Disneyland. for show notes and more visit

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