The Sweep Spot - Former Disneyland Cast Members Talking Disneyland (general)

In this episode we take a look at an attraction that was there on opening day, but in a slightly different form. This is a theatre called Circle-Vision. The films that were shown inside this theatre were fun, but the real attraction was watching scenes in 360 degrees. Hope you enjoy this!

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In this episode we are happy to have back Lauren Delmont back to our show. This time we talk about Hong Kong Disneyland, since she has been there 3 times now. Enjoy!

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In this episode we are pleased to have Doug Barnes from The Season Pass Podcast. We discuss the recent D23 Expo 2013. We talk to Doug about his passion for Disney and all the events over the past weekend.

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In this episode welcome back to our show Vince Mitchell. Vince was in Custodial at Disneyland in the 90s. He tells us stories about working there. 

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In this episode we welcome back David Smith and Russell Flores. Both are authors that will have their books on sale at the Expo.

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In this episode we take a look at all the diffferent shops that have been in Adventureland and Frontierland in Disneyland over the years. Some you may remember and some may be new to you, enjoy!

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In this episode we take a look at Disneylands most famous parade.

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In this episode we celebrate our 100th show! To do this we bring on Ken, Tommy, and new co host Kristin. We have a round table discussion about the podcast and Disneyland!

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In this episode I am happy to have Kristin Jankel on the show. She is a former Disneyland cast member. We take a look at the year 1983 at Disneyland.

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In this episode Ken comes on to talk about Safety at Disneyland. We talk about some of the changes Disneyland has made over the years to make attractions more safe for guests and cast members. Are some of these precautions too much? 

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